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CEO Gains Confidence with New Branding and Website Design

The Project

It all began when the owner of CIM Financial decided it was time to give his company a modern makeover. 

He knew that in order to stay relevant with his audience, the company would need a fresh look. 


The Before . . . 

CIM Financial founded back in 2003, had become stale with no updates to its brand or marketing assets since its inception.

Take a look at what cim financial looked like before.

As you can see, it was time for CIM Financial to unlock a new identity to align with their vision for the future.

The After . . .

Our team decided to go with a minimalist theme for the design process.  Notice the light, soft colors and thin fonts that were established for CIM Financial.  This complimentary look is much easier on the eyes and adds a level of sophistication.

For the website, the goal was to showcase the projects and focus on visuals.

We optimized the website, created the content, made the property visuals pop, and implemented lead generation strategies to grow the business.


Rebranding your company is a great opportunity to reflect on your purpose, message, employee, and culture.

Your brand is the first impression for everyone you are trying to reach.  Make sure you love it because in the end, it will shape what you want to be known for.

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