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workVAULT: How a Redesign Project Sold an Experience that Generated More Leads

the project

workVault is a Chicago based start-up offering creative, coworking spaces.  They currently have one location and are looking to expand into other markets. 

They had a website in place and a great logo, but they felt they were missing an overall brand message and brochure that they can share with leads and partners. 

Our Goal with the Project

Our team wanted to give their existing brand a meaningful story, and capture the experience of what their space had to offer.

First, we had to work with their current pricing model to make it easier to digest.  Rather than having a long list of amenities and services, we felt that only the most important information was needed to capture someone's attention.

From our experience, we've learned that too much information and text actually increases the chance of losing someone's interest.  Attention spans are shortening.  Marketers only have a few seconds to make an impact.

The next step was to tell a story of why people should come to workVAULT.  After several discovery meetings with their team, we decided to break down the brand message in four themes. 


1. You First: workVAULT is very big on wellness.  Their amenities go above and beyond to make sure people don't feel overwhelmed and stressed out while in their facility. 


2. Community: more than food and drinks, workVAULT provides a place for people to relax and have fun while on the clock.


3. Build Something Great: no matter the size or industry their tenants are in, the spaces at workVAULT allow for endless creativity and opportunity.

4. Network: workVAULT developed an app that members can access to see upcoming social events where they can meet and collaborate with other professionals in the building.



Once the brand message and brochure was being utilized in meetings, email marketing, and lead capture forms, workVault saw an increase in lead conversion on their website.

A unifying brand, and switching the approach from selling office services to selling an experience, really resonated with people and caught their interest.


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